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Juan Estrada and Estrada Sells Homes make
the dream of owning a home come true


By Mirella Matías – El Comercio Newspaper


Juan Estrada showing an exclusive property in Annandale, VA


Juan Estrada, the renowned entrepreneur, accountant and real estate agent answers our questions with encouraging answers for those of us who yearn to be owners and wish to make the long-awaited American dream a reality.

Juan, the first question has to do with knowing what prompted you to decide to become a real estate agent when you are an accountant by profession. What motivated you?

First of all, I like to interact with people, and work directly with people who need guidance in the fields that I know. In the real estate business, I discovered, in a very natural way, a new way of offering services that could benefit my own clients in the accounting area or new clients who want to be home owners. It was not forced because I really enjoy doing it.


What is it that differentiates you from your competitors? What do you do to be different from other real estate agents?

Educating my clients makes the difference. Being a professional accountant and an expert in finance allows me to analyze and evaluate the financial situation of my clients, and thus provide them with education and the knowledge they must have so that they know their best options to achieve their objectives. By educating my clients we can solve together the problems that might arise, for example, improving their credit score. And the best reward I receive from them is gratitude and the satisfaction of having reached a goal that is also mine.


As an experienced real estate agent since 1998, you must enjoy helping Hispanic families achieve the dream of home ownership. How do you help them get the right loans?

Finding a qualified lender is fundamental, which must adapt to the needs of


each client, whether it is a first-time buyer or an investor who wants the best possible benefit to achieve a good return on their investment. Indeed, I enjoy helping Hispanic families because I am Hispanic, and that is reflected in my statistics, where 98% of my clients are Hispanic.


What is a typical day at Estrada Sells Homes?

When I arrive at my office, I start the day by checking the market to keep me informed about available houses. Then I prepare my seminars to stay educated because it is important to expand my knowledge to benefit my clients. In the afternoon, I show properties to my current clients, and then I attend the appointments of my potential clients, whether they are buyers or sellers.


How can they contact you if they want to buy or sell a property?

They can call my cell phone at 703-930-5926, email me at, on Twitter @HomesByEstrada, visit our new website at, also our Facebook page at, or visiting us personally at our offices in Chantilly, 14526 Lee Rd., Suite 100.


Finally, what would you say to those who are reading this article now?

That for each dream …, we have a key.